Things I’m Lovin


I’ve been staring at my screen for a bit too long, just trying to figure out what to write, which means it’s a really good time to go back to my blogging’ roots and just write about random things I like. So here you go, here’s 10 things I’m totally digging lately.

New Orleans – We’re thinking of driving over for a few days in December. I’ve never been, have always wanted to go, and the thought of being in a new, art-inspired city during the Holidays makes my brain do the Macarena. Please dish out travel recs.  

Big Easy Bucha – I just found this stuff last week and it’s my favorite Kombucha I’ve tried. The New Orleans tie in is a coincidence. Promise. My husband is on a probiotic/gut health kick, and seeing that he is my healthy living muse, so am I. And not gonna lie, I feel mighty fine when sipping on some of this tasty bucha. Or whatever it is the cool peeps call it. 

O’ Lord by Lauren Daigle – I feel like I can conquer the world, or at least drink one less cup of coffee, whenever I listen to this thing. When I sing along it gets ugly. But man oh man I love Laura’s voice. 

Thomas Saillot’s Art – Thomas’s art is amazing, and he always shares time lapses of himself painting in his studio (That is on a European coast somewhere) which is both inspiring and beautiful. And I might be a little jealous too. In a good way. It’s all a bit beach fashion loose strokes withe a bright feel and slight edge. Swoon. 

MOTHER denim Insider Crop Step Fray jeans…On sale. They have lots of delicious denim on sale. Mother, I love. you. Visa, please forgive me.

and speaking of delicious…

Caramel M&M’s – Aka crack in a candy shell. I’m addicted.

ok, back to healthy stuff…

Love you by Lorna Jane – It’s a great, mood lifting, feel good, pick me up quick healthy living read. Which we always need. It’s on my coffee table. It makes me happy. Lorna might also be a total woman crush of mine too. 

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC creme with SPF 50 – It’s fantastic. I even posted a before and after pic. It’s been a game changer for me ever since they sent it to me to try a year and a half ago. Note: I loathe foundation and anything that resembles it, yet love this stuff. 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – When my head hits the pillow at night, my brain tends to go into overdrive. However when I use this spray, it goes into overdrive for about 2 minutes, then next thing I know it’s morning. Hallelujah. 

and finally…

A video of a cat petting a bird – That just makes me laugh. Like, a cute little laugh. While I’m standing alone in a room. Yay cat videos.  

There you go. There’s lots to love out there. 

Might need to do these more often. 

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