Little Grom Days

So this was pretty cool. All of the recent storms we’ve had ended up creating a chain of long and wide tidepools. They also had little breaks in the sandbar where the water feeds into them…and created baby waves. Well, these little cuties were perfect for getting the little dude on a board. Alone.

I’m not sure who had more fun – Levi popping up by himself and riding baby waves that magically emptied into a calm little tidepool, or me watching, cheering and pushing him onto those aforementioned waves. 

Pretty sure the answer was both. 

He also just had a blast climbing on my board, balancing and jumping off so many times I lost count. Then he proceeded to take a nap on the board…for about two minutes. 

I didn’t get any action shots of him on the itty bitty waves, but there were multiple witnesses, a few high fives given, and it’s one of those mental images/moments that’s now tattooed on my brain.

And I am totally printing out and framing that nap pic above. 

Who knows if Levi will grow up to love surfing. We shall see. But stuff like this, man oh man, it made my heart smile. 

Regardless, cheers to firsts, and the storms that tend make them happen. 

*Levi’s shorts are by Never Working Mondays – A company that uses wetsuit scraps (that would otherwise end up in a landfill) and turns them into (freakishly adorable) swim shorts. 

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