Time for a try not to

Time for a try not to duplicate your content on other social media platforms…fail. Instagram: I have a love/hate relationship with you. But there’s just so many fun pics that I’ve loved sharing. Even if I stress way too much over what filter to use. 

Here’s 6 of them. 

Left to right top to bottom : Siesta that looks like a fiesta on my Roundie // Kili and I on an empty beach. Which was heavenly // Fun sunset pic from our trip back to Oahu // Headed out to surf in the Keep A Breast Expression session. Yes that’s a massive beach tee pee // All dolled up with a Peony in hand at my friend’s wedding this past weekend // Candid beach baby bump pic. Big Gulp included (I’m filling it with unsweetened iced tea these days. High Five)

Follow @goldfish_kiss don’t forget the _ some gal out there without the _ is probably getting annoyed. 

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