Beach hair 101: Growing Long & Healthy Locks

Something about long hair just screams “BEACH!!!” So, in case you ever feel like omitting a bikini top and opting for long, mermaid-esque locks that will supply adequate coverage…

Here are a few tips on growing or maintaining some long, healthy, shiny locks.

1. Flintstones vitamins aren’t just for kids, the right vitamins also are key for helping hair grow. At the very least, make it a habit to take a good Multi-vitamin each day (I like centrum for women or what I can find at Costco) **Zinc, Iron and Folic acid in the multi-V are an added bonus.

2. Get familiar with your Omega 3’s. An omega 3 complex pill, taken consistently, (2-3 times a day totaling about 2,000mg per day) will have your hair brushing the small of your back before you know it. These fatty acids are a fat everyone should write a love note to. If they had an address, or publicist.

3. Find a leave in conditioner that suits you, and make sure you take care of your ends when your hair feels frizzy or dry. (I love morrocan hair oil and biosilk)

4. Use a sulfate free shampoo. Just trust me.

5. Get a good hair stylist who knows that if they cut off more than the ¼" needed on your maintenance trims, things might get a wee bit ugly.

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