The Fab Five

These 5 bikinis somehow got my heart at Aloha. This is not easy to do, it’s like picking out a puppy, they all are adorable and you want to take each one home.

* click on links below to find out where to buy. 

1: Acacia Montauk top and Hamoa Bottom in Cantik. It’s gorgeous, amazing print, fringe, cute cut, fun ties, oh yeah and Rihanna rocks it. 

2: L*Space Audrey top and Scanty bottom in Mango. My absolutely favorite fringe top and kind of bottoms, in my absolute favorite orange crush worthy color. Yeah, it’s like this one was made based off a checklist of things I love.

3: Ola Feroz Seamless Braided. I own this one. It’s photogenic, even not on a person, imagine what it looks like on your bod. You can get it hand made by Jessica in a bunch of fun colors. amazingly rad neon yellow included.

4. Mikoh Monaco and Todos Santos. I don’t know how Kalani and Oleema designed these knots, but I am fascinated. It’s gorgeous and might be one of the coolest bandeau sets out there.

5. Minimale Animale Cheryl Tiegs. Fishnet over nude lycra. Oh yeah, trompe l’oeil has made its way into swimwear. Love the simplicity ( looks like something you could wear a ton, on and off the beach) and yeah it’s hot. Uber hot.

…stay tuned. Fab Five one pieces and Fab Five bikinis sets under $100 coming up in the next few weeks. If I remember to do the posts.

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