Tori Praver Swimwear: Superb suits designed by a total 10.

imageimageI’ll admit it. I was initially drawn to Tori Praver’s swimwear in hopes of actually somewhat looking like her as a result. But, after checking out the line, feeling the fabrics, and seeing all the attention to detail, I know that that’s just one of the many perks. Taking inspiration from traveling, summer, surfing, the beach, and designers she’s been able to work with, Tori took what is so great about being a high fashion model who gets to travel the world, and also happened to grow up in a bikini in Maui, and shared all of that cool stuff with us. Let me take a moment and say thanks to Tori. I am living vicariously through your swimwear.

The entire line is mix & match-able, full of fun details, has a flattering, comfortable fit, and is surf-friendly. What more can I ask for? Tips on how to make my legs longer and land a modeling contract on the hang tag? Might be too much to ask.

See the collections Here & find a place to buy one Here

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