Miami Toes

So I just got home from Miami, and figured I’d share the most important detail of the trip: How I painted my toes.

I know you are so shocked to hear this. It’s a tropical print. 

But, I have to admit, I am totally patting myself on the back for how they turned out. And the fact that they still looked good in this pic, which I took after going on a barefoot beach run. Hence their parched appearance.

Basically I did the exact same aloha print toes from this post, but in a new/more Miami-esque color combo. Which I think turned out to be rather sweet. 

So if you want some toes like this, here’s my attempting to explain how to paint ‘em. I swear, one day I will do a tutorial video. One day.


• Paint toes with a base coat then a bright orange-ish pinky red. 

• Using a nail art brush and a bright opaque pastel purple polish, paint the palm fronds. To do this: paint one long curve stripe then do little mini curved stripes coming off each side of the center line. Repeat in various directions on each toe. 

• Grab a dotting tool (I use a ball point pen) and some opaque pale pink polish, and paint the flowers: Do this by putting five small dots in a circle. It’s totally cool if they overlap a little bit too.

• Now grab that handy little dotting tool again and paint a small dot in the middle with that orangeish pinky red color that your toe is painted in.

• Finally, put some tiny little dots on the flowers (using a toothpick or safety pin or naila rt brush) as an accent using a bright orange or yellow polish. This is totally optional. And was just me thinking the flowers needed juuuust a little something extra.

• Let dry, and seal the deal with some glossy topcoat.

…feel free to go on multiple barefoot beach runs, or just kick up your feet and enjoy an iced coffee or something too.


Yay for fun, tropical, Don Johnson or anyone from the cast of Miami Vice would be proud, toes.  

All the polish used is by Julep or Zoya // More nail art aqui

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