Tropical blossom toes


When it comes to toe nail art, I’ve come to the realization that some kind of tropical print is officially my favorite genre. So, when I (miraculously) was able to still paint my toes the other day, you can bet your sandy sun loving bums I did something tropical. In a bright & white color scheme. Even after Labor day. Yup. I have a rebellious side. 

If you want to give it a try. Here’s how. It’s easy, and in my opinion looks cool even if it’s messy. 

Background: Paint toes with a white opaque polish.

Palm fronds: Grab a nail art brush and paint little palm fronds on each toe. Do this by painting a curved line with little lines coming off the sides, that are angled in the same direction.

Flowers: Grab a ball point pen, and dip it in a blob of polish that’s on some cardboard or plastic, then put 5 dots in a circle, that overlap, and look like a flower blob. I did a purple, red and baby blue flower.

Flower final touch: using either a super fine top sharpie or some black ( or navy polish) paint itty bitty dots in the middle of each flower blob. 

It looks kind of like an abstract poppy or cherry blossom or something. Cool. 

If you want to: Add a few little polka dots in the empty white space as a finishing touch. I did yellow, but whatever floats your boat. 

Let the polish dry then seal the deal with an über glossy and juicy topcoat.

…and keep on wearing sandals, white, tropical prints, and whatever else you summer loving self feels like wearing after Labor day. 

All polish used is by Julep and Zoya. (Aka my favorite kind of polishes. Which are also 4 free.) 

Mayde Australia Towel

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