Tropical Foliage Toes

Confession. I rarely have my act in gear enough to paint my toes before I go on a trip. However, I managed to paint these while sitting on our bathroom floor at 11pm the night before I left for Kauai. And well, I’m totally patting myself on the back. Because they are freaking fantastic.

Basically I saw a wallpaper swatch on pinterest, and did my best to recreate it. 

Anywho, should someone want to recreate these tropical vibe toes that are based off of someone’s wallpaper (now THAT’s a room I want to see)…here you go.

• Paint toes with a white/beige/off white opaque color.

• Grab the following paint colors for all the foliage, or something close: Charcoal, magenta, turquoise, peach and yellow. The more opaque the better.

Ok now the whole painting part. 

• Start off with charcoal and paint a bunch of palm fronds. Palm fronds = long curvy line with little lines coming off each side. 

• Now grab the magenta and paint a few little leaves. Leaves = long ovals, some with stems, some without. 

• Now do some peach flowers. Mine are more like blobs. Some are small. Some are big flower blobs. Flower blobs = use a dotting tool and paint five dots in a circle.

• NOTE: It’s cool if things overlap a little. In fact, it’s encouraged.

• Now, grab that aqua and paint some blue palm fronds.  

• Grab that dotting tool again and paint some yellow flowers in different sizes.

• Final touch = go back in with the charcoal polish and paint a stem or two of the frond on top of anything that might’ve overlapped it. (This is optional but as a super nice final touch.)

Let polish dry and top it all off with a glossy topcoat. 


Now, please feel free to get your toes to a beach as soon as possible.

I certainly did. 

All the colors I used are by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. High five. 

Check out more of my nail art post here, and definitely give one a shot. Or show a pic to the gal who does your nails. 

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