A few new paintings

Ok, for as much as I love saying I do one painting a week, I haven’t really been doing that lately. But still…I have a few new ones to share.

It feels good to feel inspired, try new things, mess up and realize the mess up is my favorite part of a piece, have it turn out nothing like I thought it would, not stick to a color scheme, and just embrace the process of it all.

And sometimes it feels extra lovely to just…chill and let my mind build up some butterflies.

I have a few more sketched out, but I’m in the staring at the paper and psyching myself out phase, which is quite typical.

And there are a few sketched out in my brain. We shall see when those make it to paper. Or how long it keeps me up at night while I paint the back of my eyelids.

Just…keep…on creating. Or, thinking about creating but soaking up the sunshine of summer instead.

And embracing the colorful mess of it all.


Prints over at goldfishkissgoods.com …one day I’ll combine my shop and this site into one. 

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