Tulips and Sunshine

I just confess: It’s hard for me to do many day trips up here out of the Seattle metropolitan area. Mainly because traffic sucks the life out of me, along with my desire to day trip. However, a sunny Friday when I knew the Tulip festival up in Skagit Valley was in full bloom forced me to get over it. And I am so glad we made the trip.

Sunshine and tulips are quite the colorful feast for the eyes. And I don’t even want to know how crowded it was going to be over the weekend.

Sidenote: I saw a bunch of people biking to and around all of the different fields, and I think that’s what we might try to do next.

Because stuff like this is worth the drive. Especially when it’s sunny.

…and makes me want to get out for more day trips. Because there are a ton in this region. I’ll just try to plan it so we’re not driving at peak traffic hours. If those even exist anymore.

Anywho…Not really much of an expert, but we love cruising to the different fields and avoiding the super crowded ones. Then grabbing massive ice cream cones at Snow Goose creamery as the grand hurrah. Their waffle cones are heavenly.

I tried to take pics only on my camera instead of my phone…and forgot to charge my camera battery before we left. But, thankfully stil managed to snap some good ones before the battery dies. The tulips were so darn bright it’s hard to capture their full saturation. Love it when that happens though.

Cheers to sunshine and tulips.

**Wearing:  Cobalt and Tawney shirt  // Mowi hat // Clhei Crossbody bag // some Citizens of Humanity jeans that are 7 years old // and Jemma sands jewels.


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