Ugly Sweater Toes


Last years toes were pretty fun, then I went a wee bit overboard this year. Yes, I have officially decided painting some ugly sweater toes might have to be a holiday tradition for me. And I must paint them while watching Elf. Or Christmas Vacation. Or Love Actually.

Please feel to join in the fun and ugly tradition, and get some festive toes.

Here’s how. 

• Paint toes with a base coat then an opaque neutral color. I like beige.

• Using a dark opaque color (grey, black or brown), paint a big stripe on your big toe, and a few small stripes on your other toes, and throw in a few small triangles.

• Using a dotting tool (aka a ballpoint pen dipped in some polish), put in a bunch of dots. And using a nail art brush, put in a bunch of lines, some X’s and paint a few small reindeer (if you’re feeling saucy). I think it they don’t look perfect, it’s perfectly awesome. 

• Go to town and get creative. Try to make every toe and it’s pattern different. Also add a few more small dots and an accent color. 

• Let the polish dry, then finish off with a glossy topcoat.

• Throw on a sweater, some comfy pants, grab a saucy holiday beverage, and watch Love Actually, Elf, or Christmas Vacation. 

…even though you might just want to stare at your toes.


Polish used: Julep and Zoya // Isla James comfy pants

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