Valentine’s Day Gypsy

Sometimes you come along underwear that is just so cool, you only wish you could wear it out in public as a bikini. One such brand is Gypsy. Gypsy is a line of hand designed underwear made in Hawaii, and is inspired ( JUST like this blog) by a love for all things beach. See, it was just meant to be. Each piece is hand sewn locally by the designer out of seriously the softest fabric with some of the coolest prints ever to touch your cheeks…that’s amore. To seal the deal, I own this pair and they are my husband’s favorite of all underthings I own.

So here is my challenge. This Valentine’s day, pass on asking for (or buying yourself) the chocolates, roses, perfume, or 5 for $25 el cheapo thongs at Victoroia’s Secret, and treat your Boudoir to a day at the beach.

Visit the Gypsy website

Buy at the Online Store

 All the dreamy pics are by Daeja Fallas

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