Washi tape nails


Washi tape. It’s like the MacGyver of the crafting world. Along with dressing up cords, keyboards, walls, notebooks, sunglasses and mason jars, it can also easily add a touch of pizazz to…your nails. Yes, people who stink at doing their own nail art, it’s time to rejoice.

All you do is this:

• Pick up some Washi tape in a pattern of your choice. I got mine at Target for 99 cents. Boom.

• Cut a bunch of little strips, rectangles, or even triangles.

• Paint your nails as you normally would. Then let them dry a little, but not completely.

• Arrange the strips on top of your nails. I did something different on each nail (horizontal stripe, vertical stripe, small triangle, diagonal stripe that stops in the middle…get creative.)
• Push down any ends/corners that pop up with a pin or toothpick.  

• Cover with super glossy topcoat.

Then figure out something else to wrap this oh so lovely yet handy adhesive around. Like a beach cruiser.

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