Beach Hair 101: Waterfall Braid


Waterfalls, we like to hike to them and swim under them. Now we all shall have them in our hair. I’ve seen these braids all over and am fascinated by this ‘do. They are gorgeous, romantic, bohemian and if you have fine hair (like myself) you aren’t left looking bald (like I tend to do with french braids). I’m convinced it’s the most delicious beach hair look around.

It sounds simple, and after 20+ tries, I finally got it to work. Basically all you do is a typical french braid, but you drop the bottom section each time, and pick up new hair next to it. The key to it looking good it to make sure the sections are all the same amount of hair. Yeah, I probably am not making any sense, so check out any of these tutorials: Tutorial #1 (hilarious, rather entertaining super caffeinated gal) , Tutorial #2 (Super helpful, much calmer mom),

Now…ándale! Get braiding.

Photo By: who has hair I would cut my pinkie toe off for.

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