A Winter Hair Wonderproduct

This post is sponsored by Waterl<ss Hair Care. All opinions expressed are my own.

Ohh winter, the days are shorter, grayer, and oh so much colder. The good news is this means lots of hats, scarves and layers (also blaring reggae music and wearing bikinis as underwear for a mood boost when a beach feels like another planet – but that’s another story.). This also means me actually taking the time to do my hair is a somewhat rare occurrence. It’s usually an air-dry overnight, hope there are some waves in the morning, then brush it, and throw on a hat situation. Or, if I do actually put some beach waves in my hair (the only way I really ever do it) I want those waves and bounce to last a few days. Or even a week. Even if I’m rocking a hat.

Regardless if it’s situation A or B, here’s a little winter hair hack for you: Grab some Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth. It’s helped my hair look oh so much better in both situations, and the more I use this stuff, the more I love it.

First off, I have super fine hair, that I pretty much insist on always being slathered in some type of serum or leave-in conditioner, which then leaves me feeling like I have an oil slick on my head after a few days, resulting in me having to wash it more frequently, which then wastes water. It’s an interesting cycle.

But the dry shampoo gives it that fresh sheen, without any weight, and therefore less need to wash. The waves last longer, get that shiny lived-in look. It’s a win-win situation.

Plus, in winter there’s the whole static situation and frizz. It tackles that. Hats on or off, this stuff keeps things shiny and subdued in the electricity department.

So next time you’re at Target (you know you’re going to be there a bunch anyways this time of year), give this little wonder product in a can a shot.

Tip: I recommend only spraying in on the bottom half of your hair, or if you’re wearing a hat, just sprat what’s sticking out.

It also helps tame fine hair flyaways which I definitely have a ton of too.

Did I mention it also saves water? Well, the entire Waterl<ss Hair Care collection launched in Cape Town during the Day Zero water crisis of 2018 as an effort to help people of all hair types have to wash their hair less frequently. It worked, it’s great stuff, and now it’s gone global.

And I am now able to have some really, really good, minimal effort, hair days to help brighten up these gray winter days as a result.

Also, who knew lived in waves with a beanie and turtleneck would be such a fun to photograph combo.

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