Wet Look Beach Waves


It’s the small victories sometimes. Like my hair today, for example. I’ve been trying to achieve this type of wet beach wave look for over a week now, and finally figured it out. High five. It’s all about product, REALLY embracing messy hair, and about 30 seconds with a thick curling iron.

Alas, I’m writing down the steps and exact products so I (and anyone else on this mission) can easily replicate it.

I’ve been intrigued by this the wet beach waves look on a few occasions. 1: when we went to Mexico and I forgot a brush, comb or any conditioner for a week, 2: when we went to Tahiti and I didn’t wash my hair, only conditioned it and put coconut oil, and surfed a ton for a week, and 3: Kim Kardashian’s hair at the VMA’s, whenever that was. Sorry, but it was amazing. 

Usually when I do a beach wave in my hair it’s all about volume, and trying to look like Giselle. Which I’ve realized isn’t possible for me without extensions. These, however, are a bit more weighed down, shiny, with juuuust a bit of wave. I kind of love how it turned out with a lob too, because a big fluffy lob sometimes just isn’t the look I’m going for.  

So here’s how I got the wet look beach waves. Note: my hair is super fine, and totally straight. (Except for a patch in the back which got wavy after I had a baby. Yay hormones.)

1: Shower, and don’t wash your hair, just condition. Hair should be dirty, and conditioned. Don’t comb hair afterwards, only use your fingers and finger-comb.

2: When hair is damp, put in a smoothing creme or serum. (I swear by Aveda Smooth Infusion style prep. )

3: Let hair air dry a bit, then put a little bit of some sort of surf spray on (I use, and love, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Foam Spray). Be sure to just use a little. Then Simply scrunch hair while you dry it in on medium heat and low speed. 

4: Once hair is dry, rub some coconut oil on your hands, then lightly run your hands through your hair, and over the ends a bit. 

5. Final step: Grab a big 1.5″or 2″ curling and wrap a few sections of hair around it, be sure to have a few go in different directions. If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re blessed, and can probably skip this step.

6. Lightly seal the deal with a tiny touch some light hold hairspray. And a little surfer salve on the ends (optional, but I love this stuff).

7. Done. 

…although I’d prefer getting this look simply from surfing and not washing my hair for a week while in paradise. I’m happy to know it’s officially replicate-able. 

Close up of products used. 


…and one more pic of zeee waves. 


Video coming next. Promise. Maybe I’ll do two different kinds of beach waves. this one, and then my big poofy waves too. 

Stay tuned…

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