Yemaya + Kate Davis. Win some.


Here is a fun little fact. You know who introduced me to Kate Davis Jewelry? An LA based stylist, and all around super cool gal named Carla Pallares. Well, you know who just happened to pursue her passion and launch an amazing line of swimwear, called Yemaya?…Carla. It’s a small small world. Why? Because Yemaya, Kate Davis and I are teaming up for one helluva sweet giveaway. 

The theme? When you feel your best…because I can’t help but feel like a total bohemian, brightly blinged out beach babe when wearing these pieces above. Carla’s suits have the perfect mix of Latin American flair, crochet, and Southern Cali beach babe, while Kate’s jewelry will even make a fish’s head turn when she’s diving around in the ocean with them. So yeah, if you want a combo to make you feel great, it’s these two.
Here’s the deal. One amazing lady will win The La Nati bikini in the color of their choice, and this gorgeous Kate Davis arm stack. 
Now, here’s how to enter:
1: Follow Yemaya, Kate Davis and I, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. (Bonus points for doing all 3)
@Yemayaswimwear: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter | @kateDavisJewelry: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter | @Goldfish_Kiss  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
2: In the comment area on this post, leave a comment telling us about when you feel your best. It can be a picture, poem, video, collage, vine dealio…get creative people! 
Example: If I were to enter, I’d probably post a video of me duck diving over and over and over and over again. Because even thought I might not look that cute, I sure as heck feel amazing when I’m surfing…I literally just thought of that.
Winner announced in a week. Have fun, these are some gorgeous goods.
Ready…go team go.

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