You had me at aloha

It’s really quite amazing how many genuinely rad people I’ve met because of this blog/site/labor of love/whatever you want to call it. Such is the case with Ashley Johnston, the designer and creative gal behind Lucky We Live Hawaii. She’s talented, gorgeous, and her designs simply rock. Her Lucky We Live Hawaii hats are pretty much a must have trucker hat, (even if you are like me and need to add a D at the end of live.)

So, needless to say I was relatively ecstatic when I got the chance to meet her, test out her new You Had Me At Aloha tee, and go for a sunset surf on Kauai last week.

Oh yeah, her boyfriend, Bryce Johnson, (who happens to be a professional photographer whose photos you’d want to be on every single wall in your house) happened to be there to snap some pics. Party wave, gorgeous sunset on the water and all. 

New friends, great tees, party waves, and killer pics. 

Lucky we live Hawaii. Lucky I meet Ashley and Bryce.


Shop Lucky We Live Hawaii aqui // IG: @luckywelivehawaii

Check out Bryce’s photos aqui // IG: @brycejohnson 

You had me at Aloha Tee + Issa de mar + Rip Curl Bikini + My Flash Tats

All photos by Bryce Johnson.

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