Preach it Oscar. The earth without

Preach it Oscar. The earth without art is just…eh. So be some, or wear some

Speaking of art. Here’s a fun fact about these glasses (and a little art history lesson): 

The color is International Klein Blue. It’s an ultramarine blue by über famous minimalist French Artist of the 1950s and 60′s, Yves Klein. It’s pretty darn gorgeous, has been used in fashion a bit, and back in 2013, a sculpture he made in 1959 with natural sea sponges drenched in his famous blue pigment fetched a modest $22 million when it sold at auction. Which got me thinking…do you think whoever bought it would want some of my watercolors? I’d cut them a great deal. So yes. I was quite honored to receive these shades. And I shall do my best to never scratch them or ever lose them at the beach or in the ocean. 

High five for big (patented perfect ultramarine) blue eyes.

And of course, art. 

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