Wake Me Uppers

Fatigue is just a part of life it seems. I’d like to think lack of sleep is the main culprit, but screen time, the groundhog parts of life, sitting, strolling, driving, working. It all just snowballs at times to make you… pretty darn tired. And as much as I love coffee, sing it’s praises, and drink about two big mugs full it daily (one warm in the morning, and one iced in the afternoon). I’m realizing it really isn’t the best way to wake my bootie up. 

Yes, I love the ritual, the smell and the comfort of it all, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really wake me up that much. Getting up, moving, interacting, and living? Oh yeah, baby. That stuff makes me feel like Richard Simmons in a bouncy house.

A good, human to human conversation is like a triple espresso, and a dip in any type of body of water is like six shots. If coffee places even will serve you six shots. I’ll investigate…

Ok, switching to some non-coffee talk. 

My husband and I were talking the other weekend about this very topic (A lot of our conversations revolve around trying to figure out what the heck happened in the past decade of our lives, something fitness related, or about coffee.) We came to the conclusion that working out is really the best way to wake up. 

…and it got me thinking about (and trying) other ways to wake up. So here’s 20 of them. I promise they work. Some work a little different than others, but they either get you up, get the blood flowing or get those neurons firing. Or all of the above. 

Take today for example. I was in full zombie mode and even fell asleep putting Levi down for his nap. I woke up, put on some workout gear, grabbed my kettlebells, and didn’t stop moving for 20 minutes. The result? I didn’t need my afternoon cup of coffee and felt freaking fantastic. Even if he woke up 30 minutes after, so I hardly got any work done, and am now typing this late at night and will, therefore, be tired again tomorrow. The circle of life these days…

It just feels good to move, talk, sing, dance, and use all your senses. I guess those are the simple parts of living. Plus, life gets me excited and wakes me up when I feel like I’m living. Sitting down staring at a screen, not so much.

So, next time you want to grab a Red bull (My go to on REALLY tired days) or some type of stimulant, definitely consider giving one of these 20 Wake Me Uppers a shot too.

Feel free to make it a triple.

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