25 Random Thoughts

Oh, brain where art thou. Sorry for just going missing there for a few days. When I started my blog I told myself I’d never post just to post for the sake of posting. Well, over the past six days all I’ve wanted to do is drown myself in Thai food, and sleep.

But now, I need to sit my bum down and just…write. Writing is good. Writing is therapy.

So…time for one of my favorite writing exercises, to just, you know, not give a damn, and get some words out.

Here we go. Time for 25 random thoughts

1: When looking for a place t0 rent, I’ll never understand why so many homes with large fenced yards don’t allow dogs.  Or only allow dogs under 25lbs. It just…doesn’t make sense.

2: Speaking of dogs, mine is cuddled up with me as I type this. And she’s snoring. It’s the best. Dogs rule. Even though I’ll forever call Kili a pup.

3: Blogging: I’m now learning there are bloggers who don’t even write their own blogs, they hire a ghostwriter. This has me thinking… that’s not a blog, it’s an online publication or digital magazine. Or I dunno, a flog.

4: It literally took me 1.75 hours to put Levi to sleep tonight. It’s exhausting, and at one point in time I had all 25 thoughts listed in my head for this, and at this point, I can’t seem to remember any.

5: We went to Trader Joe’s when we were back in Seattle over the weekend. I hadn’t set foot in one in two years. I never knew a grocery store could make me so happy. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, oh how I’ve missed you.

6: The more we move, the more I don’t know where home is. I know it’s where we all are together/where the heart it. But gosh. The more I think about it, home is technically a place you live, but it’s a feeling you kind of long for too. A place to live and just feel like, “Ahhhhh I never want to have a different address. Ever.” Who knows where that place will be for us. Sometimes I wonder if that’s even economically possible for most of us any more.

7: Levi and I went for a walk on the beach today. A long one. It was also a super foggy day, and he would hold my hand a lot while we were strolling and telling stories. This whole combo got me all choked up. I had to take a pic (it’s the one above.)

8: I think it’s those simple beach moments I’m going to miss the most.

9: I’ve been cutting back on coffee, which I didn’t think was humanly possible for me, and it’s amazing how much better I’m feeling. (I was getting the shakes and feeling like my heart was beating through my molars. I kind of blame moving stress, but the first thing to nix is caffeine when feeling like that) I hate having to write that, but it’s the truth.

10: However, we are headed back to Hawaii in a few days (HALLELUJAH!)…so the Kona coffee and all the great little coffee spots on Kauai might force me to partake in a bit more cups o’ Joe.

11: One thing that was getting me excited about our move to Seattle was being able to go hiking with Levi and Kili. Then I found out Levi (Who is a 50lb 3-year-old) exceeds the weight limit of any child backpack carrier dealio. So looks like our hikes will have to be short. Or flat. Or a really good arm workout.

12: Every time we move, I make a random, totally impulsive and emotional clothing purchase. So, for this move, I caved and finally bought this sweater I’ve been eyeing for years. It’s even more gorgeous in person. Maybe I can now wear my Sorels which were my impulse buy when we moved to Minnesota (And I wore them once.)

13: I talk to my dog, I mean pup, like she’s human. I tell her where I’m going, what I’m doing, have full on conversations with her, and Levi calls her his big sister. Oh Kili, I now understand why you think you’re human.

14: I love Amazon. Can’t stand all the boxes.

15: After this next move, I will have officially driven my husband’s Chevy Silverado from Seattle to LA, LA to the Bay Area, The Bay Area to Minnesota, Minnesota to Florida, and Florida to Seattle. Chevy, if you want a good ad idea….I’m your gal. I love that truck. As long as I never have to parallel park it. Driving it through a giant redwood was fun though.

16: I put this skin mask on my face when I started writing this post in hopes that I’d be done in less than 20 minutes. Yeah, not happening.  Gotta go wash it off now (I highly recommend the mask though, or this one, that you can leave on all night and you wake up with a JLo glow.)

17: Currently craving: A long surf session with fun, warm, glassy waves and not a lot of people out so I can surf until my arms feel like they’re going to fall off. Yum.

18: I’d like Instagram so much more if there were no publicized follower counts or amounts of likes shown on each post. Maybe the next update will have that feature. Count me in.

19: I have an idea for a Children’s book, called “When Frank Kissed a hibiscus” Basically a guy named Frank picks and kissed a hibiscus and sees the world in a more positive light. I have the first pages/rhymes in my head. Gotta start on this. Could lead to a series. Amelia picked a Plumeira…Billy fell on a Calla Lily… There I put it out there. It’s got to happen now.

20: Levi is growing up too fast. The interesting thing is the older he gets the more cautious I am of writing about him on here, or posting pics. I dunno, he didn’t sign up for this. But he’s too stinking cute/hilarious/fun not to talk about or show a pic of from time to time. Mama bear problems.

21: The most commonly asked question nowadays is if we want more kids: My answer? Yes and No. We will see what God has in store for us. Kids = super personal and individual. I know my clock is ticking and I also know this answer dives my mom nuts.

22: It’s raining outside as I’m typing this. Which means I really should be thinking of more creative and poetic things to write. But…exhaustion.

23: I’m starting to sell my original paintings. It’s about time. I need to stop hoarding them. Also, if anyone complains about price…it’s art. I couldn’t replicate one of these if I tried. If we stop valuing original art, we’re in trouble, folks.

24: Speaking of art. it’s been way too long since I’ve watched the sunset at the beach. The goal for Hawaii = watch it every damn day. Rain or shine. Cloudy or clear. Drink in hand or surfing in the water. Yum.

25: And on that note, here’s a quote I stumbled on…“I fold my worries into paper planes and turn them into flying f***s” ~ J.R.

Ahhh brain feels mo’ bettah.

Posting more frequently shall resume now.

To anyone who made it through all 25, I thank you. Hopefully, you were amused.



In Pic: My tee + Levis tee.

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