A Weekend in 30A


Ever since we moved down to Northwest Florida, I’ve had dozens of people urge me to check out 30A – Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Alys Beach, beach cruisers, airstreams, great breakfast spots and white sandy beaches. Sold. Well, we finally made it down there for a good, solid, weekend, and damn, it was a rad place. 

We stayed at this flat that was managed by 360 Blue (which is pretty much the go to vacation rental place in 30A). It was tucked away in Rosemary beach, was super peaceful, and we got to use all the pools and beaches in Rosemary beach, which felt like I was experiencing life in a living pinterest board.

Let’s just say the two night stay went by way too quickly.

Seeing that I am as much of a newbie to the area as they come, I figured I’d do my brief rundown of some highlights and my recommendations, that were all pretty much recommendations from followers or friends.

Here we go:

Big, gold star highlight of the trip for me: My Saturday morning sunrise beach run. Our rental came equipped with two beach cruisers (a necessity in this area since you pretty much bike everywhere.) So, I hopped on one, and biked through an empty, kind of chilly and drizzly Rosemary Beach. I then proceeded to go on a barefoot beach run, where I was the only person ( ok, there was a lady drinking coffee on her porch who smiled and waved as I ran by, a man walking his pup, and one lady walking.) It was raining on and off again, and the sky and water turned into some of my favorite pastel hues. There was even a rainbow. It was pure bliss. I go bonkers for moments like that.

Second Gold Star Highlight: Getting to see Lady Antebellum at the Watercolor Lakehouse: It was an intimate concert with under 300 people in attendance, they sang all their hits, drank some whiskey, and even busted out some Lionel Richie and Tom Petty. ‘Twas the best date night my husband and I have had in a while.

Ok bullet point time:

Food: I am not a foodie but I love me some good eats and beverages. So here we go:

Pizza By The Sea – Tori at Ophelia Swimwear recommended this place. I contemplated driving back down this weekend just to get another pizza. Yes, it’s worth a three hour round trip drive.

Cowgirl Kitchen – (Another Tori rec) – It’s my kind of food: southern Tex-Mex Beach eats. We went for breakfast and I had my first experience eating migas: Cheese grits with fried tortilla chips, eggs, bacon and queso dip on top, plus some other deliciousness. It was an out-of-body breakfast experience. They also have a tasty taco salad (I got carry out the day before), and a fully loaded bloody mary with bacon. One more: They have a drink called Frosé – think a rosé slurpee. I drank it while biking around on my beach cruiser. High five for that. 

CoffeeFonville Press in Alys beach is officially the most gorgeous/perfectly designed and planned out coffee shop I’ve ever been too. Plus the hazelnut americano I got was perfect. (Another Tori rec.)

And last but not least..

The Donut Hole – Delicious donuts (key lime filled or maple glaze = yum) )and just really, really, really good breakfast. Plus the place is cute, has pin pong tables and corn (I mean donut) hole you can play while you wait. It’s worth the wait.

To do:

• Cruise around: My absolute favorite thing was just biking around the different beach towns (they’re pretty small and close together) on my cool little blue and white beach cruiser. Checking out the architecture and different vibes was definitely inspiring, plus it was a gorgeous fall weekend, so that was an additional perk.

• Beaches: the beaches here are gorgeous. Like, really, really gorgeous. Think big sand dune cliffs with cool houses, followed by white sugar sand and bright blue water. Yum. Pretty sure you come to this area mainly to go to the beach, ride around on beach cruisers while drinking adult beverages, and check out cool houses.

The Hub: Down in Watersound there’s a place called the hub, which was my husband’s happy place: a giant open air sports bar with a huge grass area with football games projected on the stage. It was like a football concert. He was a happy camper. 

There you go. Quick recap and some recs. It’s amazing how much you can write about in regards to a two day staycation. Actually, we got in Friday night and left Sunday at noon, so gosh, it was even less than that.

It’s a charming place, and I’m pretty pumped that it’s only a quick hour and a half drive down the coast. So I’m thinking this 30A staycation might need to become a somewhat regular thing.

Even if it’s just for a sunrise beach run, migas and pizza.

Thank you so much to 360 Blue for the accommodation, and concert tickets. It was an amazing weekend.

…and to all of you who said I need to get my beach bum down to 30A, you were correct. I loved it. 

360BlueProperties.com // @360blue

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