Ok. It’s been waaaaaay too long

Ok. It’s been waaaaaay too long since I’ve talked about a new bikini line on here. So let’s talk about Maaji. Not that it’s a newcomer in any way since they’ve been around and super successful for a while. But, I finally got a Maaji suit, so let’s just say it’s a newcomer to my bikini world.  

Their suits are sporty, flattering, reversible, and the top I’m wearing can also be worn front or backwards. (I’ve accidentally worn bikini bottoms backwards, so hey, maybe the bottoms could go either way too.) So, it’s basically a 4 in 1 bikini. High five for that. The price point is reasonable in the swimwear world (even though this was a gift, I still like to take notes on how much they cost), my mom boobs don’t look like sad deflated pancakes in the top, and did I mention it was super comfy? Well it is. More than any underwear I own that’s for sure. 

Maaji has a pretty sweet vibe too: It’s bright, tropical, has amazing details and designs, and it definitely embraces it’s Columbian roots. They also make activewear, accessories, board shorts for the dudes in your life, and kiddo gear. So yup. There’s something for everyone.

To all the people who have told me to check out Maaji for a while now. You were correct, and I’m now definitely a fan. And I have no clue what took me so long. 

Maaji Pretty City Top + Bottom // Thanks Ophelia Swimwear for the suit, and for helping me finally get my bum in some Maaji. 

…and here’s the back of the suit. In case anyone was wondering what teh bum coverage and back (that can also be front) was like.

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