The Beach House


Well, my husband and I just finished our weekly Sunday afternoon ritual: cleaning the house. The house officially smells good, and is cleaned up. For at least another 30 minutes until Levi wakes up. 

And, of course, somewhere in between scrubbing the bathroom tub and vacuuming up dog hair, I started dreaming of one day owning a beach house that cleaned itself and thinking of things to do to our rental in the meantime. 

And here we are. Fun stuff folks…

Top to bottom: 

There’s just something about this couch, the pillow and plain wall with a plant has me guessing it’s also facing french doors that open up to a patio that overlooks the beach. I’m a fan of it all. 

This mood board accent wall might be one of the greatest Ideas I’ve seen in a while. And I’m definitely doing this in my office. This is actually a collage kit from blogger Tezza. Yup. Pretty darn brilliant, realistic, and inspiring idea here folks. 

Four Words: Colorful Stucco Flower Nook. One Word: Hallelujah.

This patio that I could just chill on for hours, and if I forget to Chill, just look at the wall and be reminded to chill, looks like my cup o’ tea.  

Sally West’s Beach scenics had me at HELLO GORGEOUS. They’re are an absolute dream. Yup. I’ll be needing a print or an actual painting on a wall in my abode one day. 

Just a gorgeous living room with like 50 foot high ceilings, a plethora of natural light, and a hammock. It’s doable, right?

and finally…

Kawaiian Lion Linen Sets and Pillows. They make any room feel immediately more beachy. I actually have this set in indigo (Bought it when we moved to Minnesota and love it), but the dark gray looks pretty dreamy. Yes Sea to that pillow too. Ok, just yes to anything Kawaiin Lion.

There you go. Dream house dreaming and rental fixer upper brainstorming session is done

Off to enjoy the day. And get out of the house before we mess it up again. 

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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