A lot of people go lighter

A lot of people go lighter and simpler for Summer. I went a little darker, warmer, shorter, and shaggier…and couldn’t be happier. 

Here’s what went down at the salon. 

Cut: We did a total 70′s shag cut. And yes. Goldie Hawn is still my muse. – Blended in the line of my long-ish bangs with the rest of the hair that frames the face, and chopped off a few inches. Was at least two or so. 

Color: We took a break from any highlights, and added some darker warmer semi permanent color at the roots, and just pulled it down to break up my blondeness. 

The result: My hair feels and looks so much thicker than it really is, I still have my fringe (which makes me quite happy), and I want to just wear bell bottoms and a tied up Led Zeppelin tee for the rest of summer.

I am SUCH a fan. 

In fact, I might be sticking with this look for a while. But then again, it’s hair, and I love having some fun with it.

Thanks Aveda and Juut Salonspa in Saint Paul. (Color by Jessica and Cut by Joshua). I’ve had some extra pep in my step and a plethora of rather great hair days. Therefore, my day = made

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