One of my new favorite tees

One of my new favorite tees. Love wearing some Aloha for Jesus.

I definitely talk about my love for anything aloha on here, but my love and faith in Jesus is what keeps me going. It’s how I find peace, it helps with those inevitable leaps of faith, it keeps me grounded, and it’s who I thank each new morning for, ask to hold my hand throughout the day, then say thanks to before I pass out each night. 

But I’m kind of horrible at talking about it.

It all reminds me of a quote I love, “Gods love can’t be explained only experienced.” I’ve experienced it in so many different ways, sometimes beyond my comprehension, and in circumstances or events that might not appear positive, or totally sucked at the time, but looking back, shaped me into whatever it is I’ve become and continue to be.

So yeah. I’m a fan of this tee. // @alohaforjesus

Thanks so much Kianna and Anna. High five, big hugs, and an amen. 

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