Tropicana Toes

Well, my obsession with the Rip Curl Tropicana print just took on a new level. I can only wear my romper so many days in a row, so figured I’d put my nail art tools to use, and recreate the print on my toes. Problem solved. I can now wear this beloved tropical print for two to three weeks straight. 

I painted these at 11pm, while sitting in an awkward hunched over position on our bathroom floor. Feel free to do the same. Whenever, wherever, and however you choose.

Here’s my attempt at directions. (One day I’ll do a video…one day. Bear with me folks.)

Tools: Thin nail art brush, tiny dotting tool and small dotting tools (I got them in this Nail art kit )

• Paint nails a bright orangish red color.

• Grab a skinny nail art brush, and paint some palm fronds in a bright dark blue, and a periwinkle blue. Palm fronds = one long curved line with little curved lines coming off of the sides. Do two or so fronds in each color on one toe, and one frond in each color on the rest. 

• Now the little tropical flowers. These are all little clusters of 2-4 yellow dots with itty bitty little dots around them. I did two flower clusters on the big toes, then one or two flowers on the rest. Use yellow polish first for the main part of the flowers, then do small dots in the middle in a purple or mauve color. Tip: If they look too much like a blob, go back in with some red polish and paint in some red space in between the “petals” aka dots.

• Finishing touch = a little dimension. Go back in with your indigo and periwinkle polish and paint a few fronds that overlap the flower a little bit. You can also paint an indigo frond to overlap on top of a periwinkle frond somewhere, and vice versa. This little step helps make it all be a little bit more cohesive. 

• Let polish dry a little then finish with a glossy top coat.

• Donezo.

Enjoy going barefoot and having your toes make you want to hang out in a hammock underneath a coconut tree..after hanging ten in some fun surf for a few hours. (Even though I’d want to do that regardless of my toes nail polish situation.)

And you get some bonus coordination points if you are wearing something in the print that matches them too.

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