A beautiful mess of a year, in art

It’s funny, ironic, or just makes me go hmmm. But, after I had Levi, my art took on a whole new meaning, and it definitely changed and grew. I was stuck at home and it was my way of escaping or creating a visual dream of a place or feeling I wanted to be. Well, this year it kind of did the same, because, I was again forced to be at home (much) more than usual, and painting became my outlet. Again.

Is my art perfect? Hell no. It’s a mess, I don’t have formal training in watercolor (just oils) and I oftentimes hear my former art teachers/professors’ voices in my heads critiquing what I’m doing as I paint. (John and Allan if you ever read this I know you want me to lose the black ink lines.) You know, there’s just stuff I always want to improve and change too. Which is good.

Ok, side note: I did start hiding a little smiley face in each painting for Levi to find, which I love. Even if he decided to draw a little smiley face of his own on one (which I covered up – a perk of being a messy artist.)

But I just read a quote about how important it is to share joy, and although this might come off as a humblebrag, I am oh so joyful and grateful for this outlet, and for anyone who likes my art.

Speaking of which. My moms’ been bugging me for YEARS, ok 3 to be exact, to do a calendar. I finally laid it all out and designed it, but then talked myself out of printing them because self-doubt is my nemesis. But I said to hell with it, made the calendars, and the first batch sold out…before I could even blog about it. So here’s the link to the new batch and a pic of the cool interior. Moral of the story: Listen to mom.

Also, I started licensing and selling my art in Japan this past year. Even typing that out is a pinch-me moment. It feels surreal to know people across the globe like something you’ve created or your style. There was even a little 20-second video in the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. I could never plan this sort of stuff, and am beyond grateful, so much it feels weird to talk about if that makes sense.

I get nervous and anxious before I start a new painting, so I’ll just talk myself out of painting for a few days and stare at the sketched out piece. But somehow it works out, or if it doesn’t I learn from the process.

So cheers to art, growing (ahem, finally doing larger pieces), and having a platform to share it. I hope it brings a little sunshine, fun pops of color, a tropical vibe, or whatever it is you might be craving visually whenever you stumble on it.

Maybe next year I’ll do some big mural or something. That’d be sweet.

Or finally that book. My mom’s been bugging me for years about that too.

Cheers to a beautiful mess of a year, in art.


Art shop: goldfishkissgoods.com // Going to try and sell some of the products from Japan in the shop soon too. The little crossbody cell phone bags are pretty sweet.


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