Winter Solstice Vibes

This time of year is a challenge: The sun rose today at 7:54 am and set at 4:18 pm. It was dark at 3:15 because the rain clouds were so thick, and when the sun comes out my heart sings the hallelujah chorus. But what saves my sanity is getting outside each day Rain or shine. Sunshine or gray, and realizing there is still beauty to be seen in each day.

I’ve also never been this pale, but that’s a whole other story that a spry tan can hopefully fix soon.

Nevertheless beautiful moments, it’s waht I’m here to capture and share. Even if the’ytre easier to find on some days thatn others.

Cheers to Winter Solstice, I recently read in this ( beautiful) book, By The Shore, by Nancy Blakey that a great tradition on this night is to have a beach bonfire. Now that’s my kind of tradition. If you did that, brilliant move. And if not, let’s all plan on doing something like that next year. Even if it’s dumping rain. I guess the bonfire might not last that long. But still, getting out and about and making the most of the shortest day of the year, instead of complaining about it, is just a great mindset to have.


• Freakishly gorgeous sunrise that I left the house in my PJs, drove up a few blocks and stood in the middle of the street to soak in. 

• Seaglass from a recent and much-needed beachcombing session up on the eastern Olympic Peninsula

• Foggy morning by the lake. Auto timer and phone balanced on a chair to the rescue. (Bag = Aloha Collection)

• Went hiking and the clouds, for some miraculous reason, burned off when I got to the top. Couldn’t help but strike a pose.

• Favorite necklace from James Michelle – She custom made it and stamped each letter, and I’m forever grateful because it’s pretty much worn daily this time of year.

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