A dozen fun gifts to give

Tried to keep it a dozen items. Tried to have it be things that’ll help someone missing the beach, or somewhere warm and colorful. Tried to keep it to mostly small businesses. But when it comes down to it, it just feels good to give and make someone smile.


1:  Anything by Malie Organics – A Diffuser, butter bun, candle, body care, some perfume, a-ny-thing. The scents will magically whisk the recipient off to somewhere tropical that they miss. (Ahem, Kauai.)

2: Hey Dewy portable humidifier – Missing humid air? Here you go. This little brilliant portable concoction plugs into any USB connection to create a nice humid tropical mist. Great for skin, sinuses, and anyone missing warm tropical air. I might start plugging mine into my car.

3: Rare Hawaiian Honey – Any flavor, andy gift set, this honey is life-changing. I eat the lemon or lilikoi by the spoonful, and it makes any tea or toasts heavenly. I’m not exaggerating.

4: Susie Kondie Loungewear – A follower introduce me to this line the other day and it’s like the Tesla of loungewear. The cut and colors are super flattering and I think Susie might be my new style woman crush.

5: May Lindstrom Honey Mud – This decadent, homemade in small-batch honey-based enzyme cleanser/mask just had a 10,000 person waitlist (I was on it and finally scored a jar – it’s worth the hype). Any skincare/self-care/clean beauty person on your list will sing some Andrea Bocelli to thank you.

6: Coco Moon Hawaii Pareos– So many Mamas were using Coco Moon swaddles as pareos, they just went ahead and made some pareos to help ’em out. The hibiscus and Nalu prints are designed by yours truly, and they make a perfect gift. Yes. I am very biased and am string at one now.

7: Tide Pool Love Mask Chain/Necklaces – These handmade in Hawaii chains can be used for masks or just clasped together to be a long necklace. Think 202o multitasking with a (much needed) beachy touch.

8: Emu Australia Mayberry Tie Dye slippers – It’s slippers that are like big fuzzy tie-dye sandals, so they;r also super cozy but cool. They’re kind of like beach bum slippers for people who live somewhere where you need to wear slippers.

9: Coffee book timeCabin Porn or Surf Shacks – Pick the woods or the beach, or both. The photos are visual interior dream house bliss, am can really help with Wanderlust or inspiration of you’re staring at blank beige walls, in a neighborhood where the houses are too close to each other, like me.

10: Cleobella Mexicana Wallets – I’ve been admiring these from afar for a decade now. These colorful handmade and buttery soft wallets actually make having to take out your wallet a visual pleasure. Imagine opening one as a gift. Yowza.

11: Electric sunglasses – the Crahsrs are pretty much a life hack – put these on and you’ll instantaneously look put together. Also, the Dudes and Elsinore are unisex styles which means a great gift for any guys that you can borrow later on too. Oh yeah, you can take 25% off with code GOLDFISH25 at electriccalifornia.com 

and finally…

12: On The Lookout Bracelets – Erica’s colorful and quirky beadwork just makes me oh sooo happy. If you can score a surf bracelet before they sell out, give yourself a high five. But any of these handmade creations are sure to brighten any beach bums day.

There you go. Not much help with hard to shop for husbands or dads, but they might like the Cabin book or Some good Whiskey or some REALLY good steak is always win-win for them too.

I think handmade gift cards for a big hug once we all can hug again is always a great idea goo.

Yay for giving gifts. If feels good.

Same for getting back to the beach (hopefully) sometime soon too.


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