Cheers to 10 years of Goldfish Kiss

Well, Goldfish Kiss is officially 10 years old. Yup. A decade ago tonight, I sat, sweaty after a workout, underneath a strong air conditioning vent at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Diamond Head, bought this URL, and pressed post on my first post.

I wish I could muster up some brilliant and thoughtful reflecting words, but honestly, it felt really really cathartic to go through my picture archive and relive some memories. So I might just let those do the talking. I tried to keep it to 10 pics, and ended up with 40, then whittled it down to however many there are below.

Ok, it’s pretty cool how much my photography and art improved. Yeah, my writing might slowly be turning into typed out babble. But hey, something’s gotta give over a decade, right?

It also feels good knowing I’ve stuck with it through the moves and changes, and ebbs and flows. Most places I travel I’ll have a like-minded follower reach out to say hi, want to meet up or give me some travel recs, and therefore make some awesome new friends and connections across the globe because of it. Too cool.

So, cheers to all you salty souled, burrito eating, cold beer drinking, water-loving, laugh until you cry, healthy but not tooooo healthy, deep but also appreciate a good joke, life-loving souls out there. I am so grateful to you. I wish we all could celebrate or use this virtual milestone as an excuse to celebrate together.

Ok, before I go crack open a cold one to celebrate by myself, I wanted to link to some posts that are dear to my heart. If you’re new and missed them, give ’em a read. If you’ve been here, enjoy the trip down memory lane…and days when my writing skills were pretty darn sharp.

1: Oh Jolly

2: A conversation with my husband about Swimwear

3: What I miss About Hawaii

4: Leica – I was on the Leica Blog

5: Maldives Surf – Rocked

6: Be a Dan

7: WA to CA Roadtriop

8: Lets Talk About Life

9: I Can’t Keep Up

and finally

10. I’m Tired

I am tired (hence the not posting as much), but I’m also pretty darn proud, and still having a lot of fun on here…which is why I don’t see this site stopping anytime soon. Who knows if it’ll be another decade, but if there’s something I’ve learned over the past 10 years, it’s to take it day by day, find something beautiful in those 24 hours, laugh, sweat, and take lots of pics.

Mental ones preferred.

Thanks from the bottom of my water-loving heart, that’ll always be at the beach even when I’m not.


Ready, set, pics…

…Ok 31, when I was trying for 10 is close, right? Anyone else get choked up a little? Probably just me, but man oh man la vie est belle.

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  • I am not a comment-leaving type of person, but I felt compelled to say, “Thank you.” It has maybe been a year since I found your blog (I think while looking for haircut inspiration!), but I am grateful that you share your authentic thoughts. They so often resonate with what I am feeling, and it is nice to find someone using their platform to just admit, “I am totally trying, and I love life, but everything is not perfect all the time.” So, thank you & congratulations!

    • I’m not a comment leaving type of person either, so I get it and can’t thank you enough for this! So glad you found the blog and are liking it! I’m pretty sure most of my followers in the past two years are because of my hair posts! So yay hair, and new amazing followers!