I can’t keep up


Dear blog world. As much as I love you and have loved being a part of you. I think it’s time we go down separate paths. It’s not you. It’s me. Promise. Don’t take offense, but I just can’t keep up with you.

When I started this blog, and every day since, it’s been a creative outlet, a labor of love, and a fun place to share my thoughts, pictures, art, and stuff that makes me happy. I even get to make a positive impact on some people all over the globe, and form some genuine relationships.

But somewhere, somehow, that’s just not enough for you and your blog world anymore.

Your world has become a bit, um….how can I say it delicately…rather artificial and basically has turned into the fashion industry. Ok I failed at the delicate part. 

Apparently I need a professional photographer to follow me around and take pictures of me looking perfect, in a perfect outfit, in perfect lighting. Which I just don’t have. I have my husband who works insane hours and honestly the last thing I want to do is ask him to awkwardly take my photo on his days off. Oh wait, I have my camera and auto timer. Which, I think works just fine and makes me have to get creative with pics. And If I’m lucky I get one or two for a post. But apparently it’s just not enough for you and your world.

I can’t keep up with your good looks either. Sorry. I guess all you need to do to be a blogger now is to be a model and look really really really really good all the time. Because this world is obsessed with beautiful perfect looking humans. Screw the cerebral or artistic stuff. Damn. I still think I look good, I feel great, have a hot husband and adorable baby. But sorry I have smile lines, sun spots, and am known to go to events not looking my best, don’t know how to stomp and pose for pic on the spot, and I really look awkward in photos where an actual model is next to me. Oops. Guess you don’t like that stuff.

Oh yeah, I also had a baby, move a lot, am a single person operation, can’t afford the custom blog designs “successful professional” blog people are doing, have yet to design a media kit, will never be organized enough to have a posting schedule, and honestly want to throw my smartphone in the toilet and go back to a flip phone. So I am failing at the business side of things that are necessary in your world too. 

I also really wish you’d stop caring so much about the numbers. Follower count, engagements, and growth percentages. Gag. It makes me want to scream. If we had a warm fuzzies count, or a “man this gal is someone I’d love to have a beer with” engagement. I’d be all for that. But that’s too real for you. 

Can we also talk about something that breaks my heart? I’ve seen you treat people differently based off of their following. As if someone with a million followers cured cancer, sweated 24k gold, or was blessed by the pope or something. And honestly, that facet alone makes me want to hurl. When someone’s online life dictates how you treat them in real life, that’s where I draw the line.

Oh there’s so much more that makes me feel gross or makes me want to punch a hole in a wall. But I’ll refrain.

So, here’s what I am going to do.

I am still going to keep on blogging. 

I am just not going to try and keep up with everyone else. That part, is exhausting, and driving me crazy. Actually I think it has started to already. Especially when reading this note. 

I am going to put my blinders on, keep on doing what I’ve been doing, and see how it will continue to evolve, where it takes me, try not to worry, and stop comparing… which is just what your world sets us all up to do. 

I love making a positive impact on people, not taking myself too seriously, creating beautiful stuff, helping out some companies, looking like crap in some pictures, posting some (gasp) not perfect content, getting salty, sandy and in the water whenever possible, being healthy, alive, real and present. 

And well, being a human and an artist people hopefully can relate with. Not just a blog.

We will see where that takes me. 

I love doing this site, and love the doors it’s opened, my super positive, loyal and encouraging followers, the opportunities it’s provided, career it’s started, amazing gear I’ve been gifted (and am so grateful for), and the people I’ve met. 

But blog world, you’ve changed a bunch since I started being a part of you, and I just don’t think you’re for me anymore. 

And I’m fine with that. 

I can’t keep up with you and your perfect world, so I’ll just keep on creating, evolving, and sharing the radness in mine. 

Cheers to you, cheers to me. Hope this is an amicable split.

All my best,


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