Just Because…

Here are a few quick mood boosters for when you’re stuck at home, the weather stinks, you can’t really go escape anywhere, Seasonal Affective Disorder in 2020 is just oh so pleasantly seeping in, and the world is making you stare blankly into space way too much. (Paired with random pics, because I did a few of these mood boosters (that helped) and the sun actually peeked out for a few minutes.)

1: Do some messy, lived-in waves

2: Put on some makeup – even if it’s just mascara and lip gloss.

3: Rock some extra comfy sweats that feel like a hug

4: Turn on some reggae – (Bonus points if it’s No Woman No Cry so you can repeat the “Everything’s gonna be all right” part to yourself over and over again.)

5: Make a good cup of coffee. Bundle up and drink it outside. Bonus points if it’s while you play fetch with a dog.

6: Get outside, get some fresh air, and break a sweat, even if the weather sucks.

7: Feelin’ good and caffeinated – take a pic, then make it black and white so it makes you, or whatever the pic is of, look really cool. (guilty as charged.)

8: Break the monotony – do something different – grab a book, workout at night, eat breakfast for dinner, learn something new on youtube, switch up your routine, drive a new route…

9: Go on google flights and look for the cheapest island or tropical beach getaway in 2021. Or check out beach bungalows on Airbnb (this one has me drooling).

10: Breathe, sleep, drink water, turn off the news and turn up that beautiful Bob Marley song again.

Everything ‘s gonna be alright
Everything ‘s gonna be alright
Everything ‘s gonna be alright now
Everything ‘s gonna be alright
Everything ‘s gonna be alright now
Everything ‘s gonna be alright…

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