A Dozen Rad Gifts

Gift guides rock. Except I usually get around to compiling them around December 24th, when they’re pretty much useless. So here’s one in a (hopefully) helpful time frame, because there’s all kinds of radness to give.

Let’s go…

1: Puka Perri Stretchy Bracelets or Puka Hoops: I have both of these and rarely take them off. No joke. Been wearing the stretchy bracelets since July. Therefore they make amazing gifts.

2: Anthropology artist series flannel pajamas – It’s fun to give pajamas as gifts. Especially when they are bold and beautiful flannel ones that feature different artist’s designs. I’m digging the hot pink ones of course.

3: Real Fun. Wow! poster – I gave my husband the dolphin one last year, and it might be my favorite art in the house. Anyone out there who has a salty and hard-to-shop for significant other, check out Darren’s series of humorous, yet oh-so-cool posters.

4: Dr. Martens cow print mules – I just really want a pair of these so I’m dropping a hint. 

5: Lego Botanical Collection – I live in Legoland, and check what’s new on Lego with my son weekly…and must say I think their flower builds are brilliant. Of course, I recommend anything of the tropical variety (ahem, Birds of Paradise or Orchids.

6: Pottery Barn Decorative Light up Frosted Glass Sea Shell – I Stumbled on this beauty and think it needs to be in any beach lover’s home in the next 24 days. If it doesn’t sell out.

7: Kapital Smiley Socks – I mean, if you’re going to give someone some socks they might as well be these beauties by Japanese designer, Kapital ( They also have cool bandana heel ones, and scarves and stuff too).

8: Assouline Travel Series books – These books are hefty works of art that are filled with the juiciest most glorious wanderlust-inducing pics, and are something to collect. The travel series has so many destinations there has to be one for the hardest-to-shop-for person on your list. Faves: Byron Bay, Jamaica, Provence, ok all of them.

9: Bondi Boost Wave Wand  – Perfect gift for anyone who loves beach waves that take under 3 minutes to do. (Tutorial coming someday. I love this thing)

10: 27 Miles Malibu cashmere hat and fingerless gloves – Get the set or just get one. It’s all rad, fun bright cashmere..and it’s under $100. There is a grey/neutral version too, if that’s more of your jam.

11: Pendleton Blankets – No one can have too many blankets, especially this time of year. And you can’t go wrong with Pendleton. Seriously, some of these beauties are heirlooms. This one had me at hello.

12: Maile Organics Tiare  – Anything and everything Malie is a home run, and they have a new tiare scent so…if anyone you know loves scents that whisk them away to warmer/more tropical places…here you go.

13: At Home Sauna Dealio – My brother gave us one of these two years ago and it makes me so happy every time I sit in it and sweat. Every time.  Tip: Ditch the chair and sit on the floor in it – you sweat even more.

14: Rare Hawaiian Honey – I think I put this on every gift guide…so saving the sweetest for last. This stuff is delicious and there’s no other honey like it. Grab the lilikoi or the lemon and be prepared to have whoever receives it be hooked forever, too. 

Ok that was a dozen plus two.

Love overachieving on these things of you all. Hopefully you click over to check out stuff that looks cool. And get a shell lamp.

Yay gifts.

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