New paintings, new 2024 calendar and the same ol messy desk.

Oh, I’ve been painting, painting, painting..and it feels so good to be inspired. This summer’s Tuamotu expedition served up some major brain butterflies. Although I still managed to stare at blank pages of these pieces for a week telling myself all the ways I was going to ruin it before I got started, it sure felt good to try some new stuff and just go for it. I like the bigger papers lately too—more room for more paint blobs.

So hope you like the latest from my messy desk. Here’s a self-portrait of me in my dad’s Stetson, too. Thanks Dad.

Now, onto a few art updates:

2024 calendars are here and on the site. I think this might be my favorite one yet. It’s so cool this is going on year FOUR of creating these beauties for you. I only made 250 of them and am about halfway through my inventory, so grab one while you can.

Also in the shop: Limited edition framed canvases. I’m gradually adding more pieces to this group, but trust me they look just like originals at a fraction of the originals’ price.

And speaking of originals, I’m parting with a bunch of them, at prices I’ll probably regret later on… but these need to find new homes other than a stacked in my office.

Signed copies of my book, and discounted shoes are in there too…and I have a few new scarves and bags being made that will hopefully be here for the Holidays. Oh yeah, and I’m starting a thrift shop.

I tried really hard to stock up on cool stuff for you (other than simply art prints – which are my favorite, but there is only so much wall space). Please, Lord let the timing work out and the shipping go smoothly this holiday season, I am a one-person operation competing with Amazon and Target.

What else? My art was in Times Square for a day back on October 17th – it was in rotation with a bunch of other artists on a billboard above the Pele Store right in the middle of all the action. So that was pretty cool, and I’m kicking myself for not flying out to see it in person.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for readers of this blog always encouraging me to paint and keep on sharing my art. So…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Yes, my gratitude calls for all caps.

Off to go sketch out another one.

Maybe I’ll actually throw down some paint instead of staring at the sketch and psyching myself out from doing the first brush stroke for four days. @goldfish_kiss_art #goldfishkissart


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