All Thanks to AllTrails

It’s beautiful where I live, Yeah, the weather gives it a bad reputation, but it’s almost painful to realize how much beauty is in this state and region I haven’t seen. I blame the school schedule and my disdain for traffic and weekend crowds.

But I’m getting out there and soaking up the beauty whenever possible.

There are four distinct seasons of beauty here too. It’s moody as can be right now in the fall, summer is so gorgeous you don’t ever want to sleep or miss any of it, winter has its magical moments of glory and spring is so darn colorful and vibrant and unpredictable, too.

And it’s my goal to keep on soaking up each season.

Maybe this year I’ll actually make it out the the Olympics or Surf out on The Peninsula or something. Or Diablo Lake. A gal can dream, and ignore the cost of gas. But I’m taking baby steps in the right direction.

I think my main problem is the big trips take planning and a place to stay, so I’m more inclined to day trips with less than an hour and a half drive time each way. And praise the Lord, there are a bunch of them.

My adventurous spirit and restlessness to get out and soak up the beauty of this region help out with all of this, big time. Because it’s the source of motivation that gets that ball rolling. And there’s always an impending feeling of having to move when I really like a place we’re at.

Note: The AllTrails app has been a game-changer.

So, here’s the whole point of this post (other than to share some cool pics.) Go download it, and go exploring. If you have an excuse that’s keeping you from getting out and bout among the vistas and trees, they have a filter so you can kick that excuse to the curb and find one.

Here’s what I do:

1: Go to map view so you can visually see where you’re willing to drive

2: filter away, and find just the right excursion: Length, kid-friendly or not, altitude gain. views, lake, waterfall, difficulty, accessibility, you name it.

3: Save it for a rainy day, a sunny day, or any day you’re alive and need to get outside and clear your mind. Or get a kickass workout with a view.

I have solo hikes saved, ones to do with my kiddo, and the easiest ones with a cool view to do with my husband who refuses to hike over 2 miles…aka family hikes.

You can also check trail conditions, see photos, and read reviews the day before you are heading out. (I like to find the trails that have not too many reviews, but enough buzz to know I might have someone pass me on the trail should I happen to sprain my ankle or something.)

It’s productive scrolling. Yes, that actually exists.

Wherever we’ve lived, I need to find uncrowded places in nature, preferably with water nearby, to get a welcome home hug for my soul from Mother Earth. Here in Washington, AllTrails has really helped me with that. So I’m simply passing it along, in hopes it will help someone find a happy place, or trail, wherever you might be, too.

Dang, that sounded like a sponsored post. It’s not. They have no clue who I am.

Pics are all from hikes I found on this wonderful app. Fun times. Nature rocks my world. Rain or shine.

Linking my trail runners pictured above, because they’ve been absolute rock stars in the snow and mud, and they just look cool, too. 


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