Keep sharing the simple things, please.

I know we all enjoy the simple things. Whether we consciously are aware of it or not, I’m convinced we do. So my question is, why has there been such a shift away from sharing these simple things online? I don’t know where it was deemed uncool or not edgy enough, but I miss the original days of sharing quirky pics that are little glimpses into points of view.

I think it’s important more than ever to be sharing some of these things, mainly as a mind break when there’s so much heartbreak in the world. It shows our individual humanity, says a lot without shouting, and gives the eyes a hug.

Yeah, it might not get a ton of views or shares and all that stuff, but a photo of a cup of coffee that’s heavily edited in VSCO is pretty darn relaxing to stumble on, or some flowers, gorgeous flowers up close and vibrant, a lyric to a song that’s handwritten, a poem, or handwritten anything. A cool sign in your hometown, an empty dirt road, cool clouds, just some jeans and a tee without getting all done up, a close-up of muddy shoes after a hike or trail run, your dog asleep ( mine is snoring next to me as I write this) or simply a pic of a palm tree…and sunsets. Give me all the sunsets, please. I can understand if you are like me and stink at food photography so no pressure there.

I’m trying to pinpoint when exactly the shift happened from simplicity & fun to it must be epic, perfect, or make a massive statement. Maybe it’s been a gradual shift. Or maybe it was when the big push towards the whole you must only post something if it is inspirational, entertaining, or educational happened. That made me feel like a deer in headlights and is pretty much where my constant overthinking started. Newsflash: Oftentimes something simple can be all of those combined. Inspiration, education, and entertainment take on so many forms, too.

Yeah, the push for videos and grabbing attention spans plays a huge part, too. But that doesn’t mean little everyday things aren’t beautiful and appreciated, in ways you might not even realize.

So I beg you (and am telling myself this daily as well) please take pics of the things that you think are cool and bring you joy, however minuscule some might seem. It’s almost like they’re visual acts of kindness that we all need.


*I crammed a bunch of it into a collage to hopefully hammer the message home. Simple is so darn beautiful.

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