A dozen stay put bikinis. That are also cute.


Whether you surf, dive, swim, play beach volleyball, or are known to do a killer cannonball, owning a bikini that stays put is a necessity. I gathered up a dozen suits. Literally, a dozen, that are wipeout and duck dive proof, but still super cute and don’t make you look like you are training for the olympics. (Although…one line, Joyln, happens to be a favorite of the US water polo team, so they officially have made aquatic olympic training attire look quite chic.)

Criteria for a stay put bikini:

The top: Needs to be fixed. No sliding triangle action = usually little to no movement.

The Bottom: Needs to have one of the following – Double side ties, a drawstring, or some kind of thick & secure elastic sides. These tend to be the best bet for a moon free outing in the water.

When all else fails… wear a t-shirt and get used to having a butt cheek pop out every now and then. It happens.

Now, the bikinis. Left to right, top to bottom. (for a more recent roundup, here ar some suits for summer 2016)

1: Soriya – Sporty, flirty, and ruched to perfection 

2: Sensi  – These babies got some sweet backs.

3: Kore  – One of my favorite sporty suits. Bonus points for a cool cut. 

4: L*Space – Bonus: The fringe is fun to braid when there is a lull between sets.

5: Ola Feroz  – Yeah, this suit is amazing…

6: Salt – Awesome feminine racerback. 

7: Dkoko – Amazing surf kinis from Costa rica. Always fun to get a package in the mail from CR too.

8: Maui Girl – Cult favorite separates. My black twist top and Bella bottoms are 5 years old and still going strong. I’m a die hard fan.

9: Kali – Designed by a pro surfer. Also getting a package from New Zealand is pretty cool.

10: Joyln – Super soft, & affordable. Also gets two thumbs up from the US water polo team. Go USA. I might need to get one just for the olympics.

11: Rip Curl – The mirage bikini. So soft you feel naked. But you’re covered.

12: Calavera – Saved the best for last. This bikini doesn’t budge a millimeter.

Now I am realizing there are many more, round 2 shall ensue…

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