A few hair products to love.


For the past month or so, I’ve been able to test out a few rather rad new hair products. This 1: Helped make my life quite easier, because the right product can make good hair days a regular occurrence, and 2: totally rocked, because so far I am loving all of them.

So, here are a few tried and tested products, that I thought I’d pass along. All are worth being part of the weekly “Embrace Messy Hair” lineup.

1: Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Flocker

My hair wants to write Nick a thank you note for this product. On numerous days, I’ve literally woken up, realized I over slept, frantically brushed my hair and then scrunched a little Flocker through it…et voila. It looked like I took much much longer than 30 seconds to do my hair. It gives you volume and an almost salty texture to your hair. Plus, I like saying flocker as much as possible. Flocker, flocker, flocker, flocker.

2: EVA NYC Surf’s Up Texture spray.

This is a different kind of surf texture spray in that it’s not a liquid/wannabe salt water. Which I like. A lot. Somehow it gives you that wind blown post surf feel, but it’s not sticky, smells freaking fantastic, and is really good to apply before doing a messy updo or hair knot. I’m fascinated.

3: Batiste Dry Shampoo.

A little fact about me. I think dry shampoo is one of the greatest inventions ever. Why? I am always running late, have fine hair, and don’t wash my hair too often (even though I should because I workout so much). This dry shampoo solves all those problems: It soaks up hair gunk, gives you volume, is a total time saver…and best of all, I got the tropical scent so my hair smells like paradise. Mega Bonus points for a rad aloha print bottle.

4: Christine Shampoo and Conditioner by Van Thomas.

My hair really likes this stuff, and I am super picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. It’s hard to explain what it does, but the times I’ve used it, my hair just looked like I had that shiny über amazing hair that’s in hair commercials. Which is always a good thing. I also think the copywriting on the packaging is superb ( stuff like this matters folks), and I LOVE that the product line is named after Van Thomas’s late daughter, Christine.

5: Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Amazon Infinity Mist.

I like this volumizing mist for a few reasons: You can put it all over your hair (not just at the roots). It’s not drying, heavy, or sticky, and the volume you get doesn’t fade. Aka you just zuuuze (no clue how to spell this word but you know, you mess up your hair at the scalp with your fingers) and your hair fluffs right back up. PLus your hair looks shiny. Cha ching!

6: Amika Nourising Hair Mask

Anyone who has ever emailed me asking for a good conditioner if you surf a lot, try this stuff. It’s über hydrating, but not greasy, smells heavenly, and the packaging is really cool, so it looks sweet in your shower or beach mobile (yes, this matters)

Well, there you have it. A few hair products to love.

*Note: I have long, straight and really fine hair. These evaluations are based on my hair 🙂

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