I just moved to LA, and

I just moved to LA, and am in the process of trying out new gyms. I was working out at the YMCA down the street, and they had a little bulletin board in the corner filled with black and white printouts of motivational fitness sayings. One caught my eye, and made me smirk a little because it was so true: Get fit in the Gym. Lose weight in the kitchen.

Yup. It’s the truth.

But one thing is missing:  a place where you can reap all those benefits of your hard work and will power, forget about your worries  (and your body), let lose, and be barefoot and salty. That place? The beach. 

So, I added on to my new favorite, oh so blunt fitness quote: Get fit in the gym. Lose weight in the kitchen. Keep your sanity at the beach.

…especially if your beach outing includes a board, not too many people, and some fun waves. 

Extra sanity bonus points there.


This is one of my weekly SWELLivin guest posts over at swell.com. Fun times. 

Calavera Bikini + one of my favorite spots in Hawaii, that I really, really miss.

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