Deja Vu


I had a mini deja vu day today. A mini Hawaii-livin, reverse back in time five years, kind of deja vu. In spite of all the craziness lately, I got to do something that I didn’t realize was a luxury five years ago, I just packed up my beach bag, and went to take photos at the beach. 

All by myself. 

When I started this blog I’d do this all the time: Fill up a gynormous beach bag with things to style and totally lose track of time shooting pics. I kind of mastered the art of auto timer photography. If that even counts an art form. Well, fast forward to now. I’m lucky if I have two minutes on the beach, or five minutes in my house posed next to a naturally well lit wall. Somehow it all works. Hallelujah. 

So, it felt good to just have the luxury of going back in time a bit, and totally zone out while awkwardly taking pics of myself. In an uncrowded location. 

So here’s one of the looks and a few pics. 

I might need to make this type of outing a weekly or every other week type of deal. It’s good for the blog, right? Right. Ok, it’s just kind of fun “work” too.

Suit = Acacia Cloud 9 Mesh One piece. (I like to rock a bikini top underneath it sometimes too. Helps give my deflated mom boobs some support. But for the sake of pics…gotta rock some side boob. 

Sunnies from Raen. The Durante.

Jewelry from Jemma Sands, Kate Davis, Tidepool Love, Pearl Love, Kamera Hawaii, and Shashi NYC

Hair and makeup: Courtesy of mother nature. Au natural baby. Au natural. Ok, I do have some waterproof mascara on. 


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