A little rainy day reading in

A little rainy day reading in my little cozy reading nook, that is inspiring me to put plants everywhere, go to a flea market, and then design some more stuff. Justina Blakeney. I heart you. And all that you do.

If there’s one lady out there that I look at and am like, wow that’s what I want to do, it’s Justina Blakeney. She’s a mom, artist, blogger, designer, and all around creative bad ass with a distinct vision and style. She’s confident, insanely talented, and is imbuing with bohemian beauty. Sometimes I tell myself, if I got my act in gear and started a company, maybe I could be like her. Key word: act in gear. 

So needless to say. I love this book. And flipping through the pages gets my brain spinning. It’s full of inspiring pictures, and there’s not a single cookie cutter or blah square foot in sight. There’s also DIY’s, tricks to make your home have that boho vibe, and plants. Lots of plants, and tips to keep plants alive. And well, it’s just mildly therapeutic to flip through too. 

I also LOVE her textile designs. They’re remarkable, and she has pretty much nailed the colorful tropical flora genre. She has partnered up with various wallpaper, bedding, candle, stationary, and even activewear companies featuring her prints. (The leggings I’m rocking happen to be from her latest design collab with Beyond Yoga. It’s cool. Really cool.) 

See what I mean? She rocks. 

Going to go flip through some more pages now, then break a sweat in some of the sweetest leggings ever.

Justina, if you ever find yourself in the Florida Panhandle, let’s got for a beach walk. Or coffee date. Or maybe we can find a flea market to scour for some hidden bohemian gems. Or we can bring our sketchbooks and work on a print together or something. Ok I”ll stop. 

The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney – Available here  // Justina Blakeney X Beyond Yoga Capsule available here and at anthropologie. (Both items were gifts. I did a major happy dance)

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