The O’Neill Superkini. Not slippery when wet.

O’Neill, the company that invented the wetsuit, might now be able to claim another innovation that female surfers will forever love (and males all over might despise) the oh-so appropriately named Superkini.

Check out the deets:

The Superkini is a technically advanced new bikini by O’Neill that will empower you to hit the beach this summer with the utmost confidence.  Pure summer style and total peace of mind never felt so good.

Made with NANOFRONT – A revolutionary and super comfortable material that has 200% more grip than the standard lycra and an even greater frictional force when wet, ensuring minimal bikini slippage and movement.

Yup, sounds pretty sweet. A bikini that gets cemented to your bod when it gets wet.

I must give their marketing team a high five. They recently held a Superkini modeling contest in Ibiza, and here is the best part…finalists walked down an elevated one-way runway, then jumped into the ocean. Bonus: an underwater camera documented it all, proving that these puppies stay put. Gosh, I wish I thought of that. Check out the footage here, it is pretty entertaining.

I’d need to try this out in the lineup in some larger surf and take a set or two on the head before I give it my 100% satisfaction-this-is-an-amazing-invention seal of approval. But either way I’m intrigued, love the name…and had to share.

Availble online at O’ and KillerDana

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