RX Bikini Bod: The White Stuff

Sometimes, you just want to slim down, and sometimes I just need to be blunt. If you want to be a lean, mean, bikini wearing machine, you have to cut out the white stuff from your diet, and give some other colors some love.

White stuff: white rice, white bread, white pastas, white potatoes, cake, refined white sugars, and the dress code at Wimbledon. I think you get the point. Basically the biggest roadblock to achieving your weight loss goals, nutrition wise, is usually refined carbohydrates. The good news? All it takes to get back on track is a few easy substitutions.

Simply make sure that if you are going to eat a carb, it better be 100% whole wheat. Yup, just swap your usual for whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and anything made from 100% whole wheat flour. Beware of imitations, and if in doubt, cut it out. Then sit back, relax, and see how much better you will feel.

Do I still eat white carbs? You bet I do. How often? As rarely as possible (unless I’m on vacation). Basically I view a baguette or stack of flapjacks the same way I do a scoop of Ice cream with sprinkles on top. So use sparingly, but enjoy it when you do.

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