I feel very strongly about the

I feel very strongly about the above statement.

It’s also my latest SWELLivin guest post. 

Aloha print guarantees happiness. Well, at least in my world it does. 

Think about it. When you have an opportunity to wear something that is of the aloha print genre, it usually signifies the following:

1: You are on vacation

2: You are doing something fun

3: You are in Hawaii

4: You probably do not have shoes on

5: You are in a good mood.

That’s one winning combo of options there, in my aloha print loving opinion.

So if you are feeling blue, pick up a garment or accessory that is laden with plumerias, palms, hibiscus, or some sort of tropical flora, and feel that frown turn upside down…and one hand reach for a cold tropical drink. 

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