The Seiba Pocket Purse. DIY it.


First off, I can not take credit for coming up with this one. Ashley, the founder of Seiba, showed me the light, and told me to spread the word. I am gladly following through. Because I love this here little purse, her entire line, and what she’s doing.

Seiba is a line of woven accessories and goods that are bridging the gap between cultures using art and fashion. I’d try to explain it but Ashley does a much more eloquent and thorough job. So you should really read her mission and about page…now. Rad gal, I know. 

So back to the DIY.

All you need is: A Seiba Belt (this is crucial), a back pocket that’s been cut out of an old pair of jeans, and some scissors.

• Cut a 1.5-2"  vertical slit on each side of the pocket (just wide enough so the belt will fit through, but still be snug.)

• Weave the belt through the pocket.

• Tie around your waist.

• Throw in your phone, keys, and lip balm. You are set.

Plus, the belts (and pretty much all of Sieba’s goods) are one of a kind, so therefore, you now have a one of a kind pocket purse. 

Now, if only I had a music festival to go to…this would be perfect.

Seiba on: Facebook // Instagram // Tumblr

Shorts By Acacia 

..and before you ask any questions. I was bit of an overachiever and made a video. Enjoy 🙂 

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