SPF time.


Sunscreen. Even if you live in an igloo, you need to wear it everyday. It’s a must use product, and in my opinion, also the one product you really should never skimp on when it comes to quality and price. 

So since I am such and SPF fanatic, I thought I’d share my favorites, and what I’m currently using. Because I am a bit high maintenance in the SPF department. Rain or shine.

Here we go.

Dr T’s Supergoop – In Hawaii, I carry around a huge tub of this that I bought on amazon. I rarely left the house without it. There is also a not so huge tub you can buy. I don’t know what it is exactly about this goop, but I can honestly say I never once got sunburned while surfing, or have my skin get irritated when using it. I am a devout follower. It’s super. Super duper.

Sun Bum – Do you trust the bum, because I sure as heck trust the bum. So far, no sun burns or irritation, and this stuff smells delicious, in a non annoying way. The spf 30 gets two beach bum thumbs up. I also like using their cooling spray and after sun lotion as a daily lotion. Their lip balm is mighty tasty, and sweet. Literally and figuratively (ok it’s amazing). If you surf, please buy the Pro Face stick, and thank me in a decade when you have less sun spots. They also drive around in a really cool car. And I like their logo. And this towel. These are important details. 

FAB 5-in-1 face lotion – This is my everyday face moisturizer with SPF 30…but it also evens out skin tones, helps with fine lines, is full of a bunch of antioxidants, is great for soothing sensitive skin, helps your collagen (amen!), and keeps you from having three dozen bottles of beauty products in your bathroom. OK that’s 6-in-1. I’m such a fan. 

Island Company Suncare – Island Company’s line of suncare is the best smelling spf around, and are awesome for daily use. The lotions are lightweight, non greasy, and are still really hydrating (all have a blend of aloe, cocoa butter, vitamins A, C, and E). And did I mention how great they smell? Protect my skin and make me smell like an expertly made tropical cocktail? Count me in.

Cheers to some good spf, and to protecting that skin we all are in. 

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