Anthurium Print toes

So, my toes just sent me a post card. It was one of those vintage Aloha From Hawaii ones, and they wrote, “thanks for the great outfit last week Bek.” So I figured I should share the toes I painted at 11pm on our bathroom floor the night before we left for Hawaii last week. 

The funny thing is I’m looking at them now, and they’re all sanded and sun bleached. (Yet another cool side effect of barefoot beach life), and I’m wishing I took a pic of them on the last day of the trip instead. 

You live, you learn. You paint your nails.

Anywho, it seems like anthurium are all the buzz lately, so I jumped on the bandwagon and figured they’d be a necessary addition to some tropical print piggies. 

That my toes apparently loved. 

Ok I did too. 

Now, here’s my attempt at directions.

• Paint toes with a base coat, then a few coats of a FUN bright royal blue polish. 

• Grab a nail art brush and a dotting tool, and let’s paint, shall we?

• Using a nail art brush and some bright opaque peach polish, paint the shape of the anthurium flowers. Basically, you paint a long kind of squished looking heart. I painted a few on each toe in different directions. I did a few sideways ones that are pretty much the letter P laying on its side.

• Now, go in and paint a little bright white line in the middle of each flower.

• Flower details (optional) – Grab some black and paint a stems coming off of each flower. And add little red lines in the middle of each anthurium. These are optional and depend on how crosseyed you want to be.

• Now my favorite – Palm fronds. Grab a bright opaque yellowish polish and paint some fronds. Fronds = a long slightly curved line with little lines coming off one or both sides. Paint them in different directions and places on each toe.

• Finally little dot flowers. These are your basic flower: grab your dotting tool and paint five little dots in a circle, then one dot in the middle in a different color. I like to have these be on top of the fronds.

• My final touch was just a few little dots here and there in a gray to add some more flower looking things to each toe.

• Let dry then seal the deal with a glossy top coat.

• Done

Enjoy only wearing sandals or bare feet for a week. And don’t be surprised if your toes send you a thank you note too.

All the colors I used are by Zoya and Julep, and CND. Good, opaque polish is key for this kind of stuff, folks. 

 More of my nail art posts are aqui. Give one a shot, give one to your nail person. Just have fun with ‘em. I certainly do.

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