Man oh man it felt good

Man oh man it felt good to get back in the saddle. And by saddle, I mean a bikini, preferably while being a little sandy aprés a surf or swim, in Hawaii.

There’s a lot of things I miss about living in Hawaii, and one of them is definitely being in a bikini more than underwear. Mastering the art of changing in and out of them in public, testing new ones out as soon as possible, wearing favorite ones until they lost all their elasticity and ability to stay on, taking pics of them all tan and sandy, mixing and matching, and even the awkward wet boob marks you have when you don’t have a dry one to change into. Yes, I oddly miss that too. 

Oh, bikinis make me happy. 

So here’s the majority of my bikini pics from the trip. Figured I’d get them all together in one post instead of spreading them out over the next month or so. You’d think I’d take a ton, especially since I was in one 24/7. But honestly, on this trip I did a really good job of soaking up the scenery and moments, and taking pics when I felt inspired (Or had my husband offering to take my pic. Hallelujah)… instead of feeling obligated to document everything. 

I highly recommend it.

Cheers to some rad bikinis, warm white sand, soaking up the salt and Vitamin D, and taking more mental pics than digital ones.

Top to bottom: Ola Feroz (Cienaga + Cata) // Acacia (Manhattan + Waikoloa)  //  Winston White (Kiana) // Emmanuela (The Lia Bikini) 

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